Jargon Buster

The jargon buster is here to help you understand the more technical terms in the invoice finance market.

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Definitions are as follows:

  1. All Assets Debenture – A charge over the business to protect the lender in the event of business failure or non-payment of invoices.
  2. Arrangement Fee – This is the fee to set up the facility, covering the initial administration and credit checks.
  3. Bad Debt Protection – A type of insurance usually associated with an invoice finance facility which protects you against non-payment from your debtors.
  4. Contract Period – This is the total length of your contract with the lender.
  5. Credit Limit – The maximum amount you can borrow against a particular customer.
  6. Customer Concentration/High Involvement – The percentage of a ledger which can be one single customer.
  7. Debtor – A company who owes you monies for completed work.
  8. Discount Fee – An annual rate of interest against amount borrowed.
  9. Funding Limit – This is the maximum amount of funding you can borrow at any given time.
  10. Invoice Discounting – This product is a funding only facility, whereby you handle your own credit control internally.
  11. Invoice Factoring – This product allows you to draw funds from the facility, whilst the provider handles your credit control for you.
  12. Invoice Finance – Invoice finance is a broad term for any kind of financing service which uses a businesses’ outstanding invoices as security to advance cash, up to an agreed amount.
  13. Lender – The Invoice Finance company that provides the facility for you.
  14. Minimum Fee – The minimum cost of the facility (Typically over a 12 month period).
  15. Personal Guarantee – A contractual agreement between a borrower and a lender where the borrower will individually guarantee to fulfil all or certain obligations under the agreement should the borrower default.
  16. Pre-Payment Percentage – This is the maximum amount that will be lent against a single invoice or ledger.
  17. Recourse/Approval Period – This is the number of days that the funding will be provided for.
  18. Refactoring – The fee charged for invoices which go over the recourse/approval period.
  19. Sales/Debtor Ledger – All outstanding invoices due back to yourselves for completed work.
  20. Service Fee – This is a percentage charged against the total value of invoices you put forward for funding.
  21. Selective Invoice Finance – This product lets you release funds on individual customers, meaning you don’t have to commit your full ledger.
  22. Spot Factoring – This product allows you to draw funds from individual and one off invoices.


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